Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope everyones having a good day so far, I'm spending mine with my one true love...books! yes I am tragically alone but thats alright because I don't need anyone when I have something to read. For some reason I cant stop listening to classic Enrique songs, I haven't listened to him in years and this particular song reminds me of my childhood as it always used to be on in the bars abroad so now I just want to go on holiday! 

It also made me think about my favourite books when I was younger, I always used to read Jacqueline Wilson books they really were the best thing when I was growing up. Its amazing to think that "The Story of Tracy Beaker" was first published on the 14th of February 1991 I didn't think that it was that old and its even older than me which is crazy, So happy 22nd Birthday to "The Story of Tracy Beaker". My favourite books though were definitely The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis, I used to have the most beautiful box set of them and I cant remember for the life of me what happened to them which is quite upsetting. I feel like a letdown to society though because I never really got into the Harry Potter books like everyone else in the world, I used to start them but got bored about half way through them which is a shame because I love the films and I've still only read the first two books so hopefully this year I may continue with them.

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