Wednesday, 13 February 2013

It's Alivee!

Hello all of you beautiful people that probably wont be reading this! This is my new blog hopefully it will be a bit more successful than my previous one, I just wanted to say welcome and tell you all what I will be writing about on here. 

So as you might of guessed it is a book blog here I will be writing reviews of books I have read recently, I will talk about books I'm excited for and also I may include book hauls. I did used to have a Youtube channel but I never had the time to record videos and edit them so hopefully I will keep on track with this. It might be a slow start at first as I'm coming up to my last 4 months of college but when I'm finished there I will be free to do what I want to do whenever! 

When you read my reviews you'll probably think that I sound immature or maybe crazy but that's only because I want my reviews to be fun rather than serious and boring, maybe because I am slightly loopy as well but we'll just pretend that I'm "Normal". I mainly read YA fiction as I'm only 18 and I find that I can relate to most of it but from time to time I will read an adult book. So stick around and watch this space!

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