Friday, 28 June 2013

Feature and Follow Friday #6

Alison Can Read Feature & Follow
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Features of The Week- Paperback Princess
Got Fiction

Q. What is your preferred reading format? Hardcover, eBooks, paperback etc?

I'm not really too bothered about the format of a book but I do love a good hardcover. Alas in the UK most books are released in paperback so its always nice to find a hardcover. A lot of the time we only seem to get hardcover books when there is a lot of hype surrounding them or if they're part of a popular series. However I also enjoy reading eBooks on my Kindle as it enables you to download a new book in seconds and is a lot lighter to hold. But you don't get the same feeling that you get when you own a physical copy of a book!

Do you have a preferred reading format?

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  1. That's interesting! Didn't know UK gets mostly paperbacks. I love paperbacks and hardcovers, but ebooks are cool too!

    Here's my Follow Friday

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

    1. Yeah, we do get hardbacks but it only ever seems to be when the books got a lot of hype or is in a really popular series!

      Aw thank you! Have a lovely weekend too :)

  2. Same! The feeling can't be matched. My country also has the tendency to sell only paperbacks, too. Sometimes I have to wait a year and a half before I even see one hardback version of a paperback book. New follower via BlogLovin' and GFC!

  3. I love my Kindle but I will read or listen any way I can to a good book! New bloglovin and Google+ follower and your first Facebook like! :) Here's my FF post for this week-hope you'll follow back.

  4. I am following you from the hop. I would love return followers on bloglovin please

  5. Didn't know in the UK there wasn't many hardbacks...interesting. I agree its so easy with a ereader. It makes me read much faster for some reason. Old follower but now following via Bloglovin'.

  6. I never knew that! I'm so used to everything being released in hardcover that I just assumed it was like that everywhere else.

    Thanks for stopping by! Old Follower.
    Daphne @ Reading Until Dawn

  7. I absolutely agree with that feeling! Although I prefer reading any format.

    Thanks for dropping by my FF.
    Old follower.
    Nina @ The Bookish Confections

  8. Thanks for stopping by mine already this week =D New follower via Feedly.

    Becky @ Book Bite Reviews


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