Saturday, 29 June 2013

Guest Post: Why I Think Reading Is Important

Haiiii whales xD 

That’s how I used to greet my readers, and it’s my pleasure to have you guys as my readers today :”) I’m Lou de Whaliee *fancy much? ;)* or you can just call me Lucy :P And I’m from Life of Whaleh :3 I’m a new book blogger ♥ because I love books xP so obvious *HOHOHO =] *

Okayyy, let’s talk turkey, shall we ? :”) 

*in case you’re thinking I’m weird, talk turkey means let’s talk serious :D :D *

Why I think reading is important ? 

I think reading is an essential thing in our lives.

Like whales need water, umm..actually everything needs water. LOGIC! 

You're actually reading something right now, and you will read more later.

Reading helps you to understand ideas and conflicts in the history so you can learn from it, or approach some
new knowledge for the preparation of the future. 

That’s really important, without learning from the history, there won’t be any experience, and without experience, we will keep making mistakes :< which is time consuming and inefficient. :\

Without apply new knowledge, there won’t be any improvement or changes to make the future better! :( Like new method to eat McDonald without getting fat .___. Hmmm...worth thinking :? 

You actually read more than you thought everyday, but you just didn’t realize, you read your school name, the board names of the shops on the street, the newspapers, your textbook, etc.

Personally, I think without being able to read, my life would be just meaningless. There're so many good things and good people you will see when you start reading. The characters or the events could be fiction, but you wouldn’t lose anything if you let those incredible things make your life better!

I love books, I read for fun, to have some hope for myself as well as empathy. *And just to make sure ONE DIRECTION is still single .____.*

I think I would miss a lot of things if I can't read, it's just something amazing when you look at an abundance of weird symbols and they make sense, that feeling is fantastic. Also I'm really crazy about poetry so I think people did a great job of playing with words and I feel thankful that I had a chance to learn how to read, also enjoy these significant arts.

My life would be a lot different if I can’t read. I can’t read the book I love, study will be a lot more difficult to me as well as for my work when I grow up, I cannot enjoy music completely since I cannot read the lyrics *and I have a goldfish brain in a whale body, which mean I’m bad at memorizing :\*. I can even cause dangers to myself because I cannot read the instruction or the label on the products. 

And if you’re reading this right now :) I hope you will spend 21 seconds of your life to feel grateful for being able to read ♥

*just so you know, I just made up that 21 second .____. totally random .___. * 

If you like this post and you want more, ‘cause baby I know you do tadadada *justkidding :D no but serious, do you?* check out my blog here Life of Whaleh ( for more posts :) Book reviews, random stuff ;) 

Have a nice and safe summer ♥

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  1. Thank youuuu for featuring me xD
    This is my second guest post :P AHA ♥


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