Sunday, 25 August 2013

Divergent Teaser Trailer

So we've been so graciously given a teaser trailer for Divergent. Yes, a whole 13 seconds! I know that there’s going to be a longer trailer at the VMA’s but living in the UK means that I and other fellow die hard, British fans won’t be able to see it until its shown on MTV or up on Youtube. I'm jealous of everyone in the US right now! Anyway, back to the teaser trailer. How exciting is this? Considering it’s only a brief snippet I think that they've actually shown a decent amount of footage. I wasn't too keen on the casting at first but I'm excited to see Theo James as Four. I think that he’ll make a wonderful four even if he is slightly older than he should be. It’s great how a lot of “unknown” British actors are being cast for big roles in current and upcoming movies. Call me sad but I'm being nostalgic for the country I was born and bred in! I'm far too excited for this film considering how long there is till it comes out. But, Allegiant comes out in just under two months so that will keep me occupied until it does. I really can’t wait!

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