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[Review] The Transfer: A Divergent Story by Veronica Roth

The Transfer: A Divergent Story by Veronica Roth
Published September 3rd by Katherine Tegen Books
eBook, 50 Pages
More Four! Fans of the Divergent series by #1 New York Times bestselling author Veronica Roth will be thrilled by "The Transfer," the first of four new short stories told from Four’s perspective. Each brief story explores the world of the Divergent series through the eyes of the mysterious but charismatic Tobias Eaton, revealing previously unknown facets of his personality, backstory, and relationships.
My Thoughts:
As a fan of Four, I was ecstatic when I found out that Veronica Roth would be releasing four more mini stories from his POV. I didn't quite realise how short these stories would be. So when I read The Transfer I was slightly disappointed with the length especially as it’s quite pricey on Amazon. In the UK its £1.99 which I think is absolutely atrocious considering that it’s actually on 30 pages long. If it was the same price in the US it would be over $3. So in affect we British fans have to pay even more for this short snippet of a story! 

Price aside I did end up buying the eBook as I feel bad for authors when the file gets uploaded to the internet for free. It’s not right as they've spent so much time working on perfecting their writing for us and then someone ruins it! Sorry about the little rant, I just feel so passionate about this issue.

I feel like this review has turned into me going off on one so I’ll get back to the point. I was so excited to read The Transfer, I think at one point I shouted at my Kindle as it was taking forever to charge. Poor thing, it doesn't understand my need to read. We didn't really get to know Four in Divergent until his relationship with Tris progressed from trainer to love interest. So you can imagine my undying need to find out more about his delicious self.

In The Transfer we’re introduced to Tobias Eaton and his life before joining Dauntless. Oh my, he really did have it rough and I found myself wanting to comfort him. Tobias has to come face to face with his demons every day. His main one being Marcus, his abusive father with a heart made of ice. He really is a nasty piece of work. So when Tobias stood up to his father and chose the faction that Marcus despised the most I was fist pumping with joy for how brave he had been. I really enjoyed seeing how Tobias became Four and felt that it bought me as a reader closer to his character.

However, I didn't think that there was a lot of new content in this short story. We already knew about his father being abusive and the fact that he only has four fears thus ending up in the birth of his nickname. I guess the point of this story was to show us how it actually played out rather than having to imagine it. I'm a lot more excited to read about his actual initiation and how he became such a strong, independent young man.

Overall I’d rate The Transfer 3.5 stars as I felt that we didn't particularly need this story as we already knew half of it. But its Four, we’re hearing from his perspective which is probably the main reason I rated it that high. Veronicas writing style is as wonderful as ever but I can’t help think that she’s being a bit of a sell-out. I feel that these stories are only being written to make more money, not that she needs it with the success of the books already and a movie coming out soon! Maybe I'm being a bit harsh because I expected so much more. If you’re willing to pay for this tiny look into Four’s life then go for it. But with a bind up of all the short stories coming out in February I’d recommend waiting till then as you’ll get more for your money.


  1. Nice review! I bought this one quickly as well, but haven't read it yet. Didn't remember there was going to be a bind up of said stories. Wondering now if I should wait for that instead of buying the stories as they come. Will have to think it over I guess!

    I still need to read Insurgent myself, but since this is a prequel of many to Divergent I guess I could read this one first! Can't wait!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I'm kind of bummed out that I didn't realise sooner that there would be a bind-up. You should definitely read it though as its a nice insight into Fours past life. I hope you enjoy reading it!


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