Saturday, 7 September 2013

Update: On Life, My Reading Slump & Free Books!

Hello all! Yes, I do still exist and I know it’s been a week and a bit since my last post, I'm sorry about that. But, life has thrown opportunities at me that have kept me busy. I've had three job interviews, a phone one and two group interviews which both had one-to-ones as well! So they've definitely occupied a lot of my time, they've had me stressed, nervous and even feeling a little sick. I know that I didn't get one of the jobs but they've put me on file to be a Christmas temp rather than a permanent member of staff. This is good but I am looking for something that’s slightly more permanent as I've got nothing else to do right now having left college.

Jobs aside, I've gone into a reading slump. I got into one at the same time last year so maybe it’s just one of those things. I really do hope that I will be able to pull myself out of it soon but I just feel uninterested when I pick up a book. I am still looking at ones to buy but I just can’t bring myself to read them. I think I just need to read something that blows me away and has me gripped from page one. If you have any recommendations then please let me know, I'm desperate people!

I'm finding myself more interested in playing The Sims 3 and watching TV than reading at the minute. You know what I like about The Sims 3? You can sculpt your Sims lives to perfection and if they mess up it doesn't matter as it isn't real life! Oh how I love that game. I'm not sad by the way, just a teenager that loves The Sims.

However, I did get a book for free yesterday. Sorry Waterstones, but your staff really do need to pay attention to the change they give. So I bought The Shadow of The Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon and I got it for £4 as I had some points on my card. I paid for the book with a £5 note and ended up with £6 change! I know I should’ve told the sales assistant but I didn't realise until I was on my way home and noticed I had a lot more change than I should’ve. So I got a free book and made £1, not a bad day if you ask me!


  1. haha I love it when an incompetent employee of a shop makes a mistake in your favour! Check out my blog ( for book recommendations. I've read some very good ones lately.

    1. So do I! Its always a pleasant surprise when you get more change or something for free without them realising. Ooh, I'll definitely have a look :)

  2. Reading slumps...ugh. I hate when that happens. It seems like when there's a lot going on or I'm stressing in my day to day life, it affects my reading mood. They way I usually get past it is to take a couple days to relax away from reading, then I read some reviews & I usually will come across one that makes me want to grab that book immediately. I also switch reading formats, if I'm burnt out on audio, I read an ebook or vice versa. When I get like that though, I definitely spend a lot of time reading a few pages and putting the book down while trying to find the right book to pull me out of a slump. Maybe go to the library and try reading a few pages of books to see if any jump out at you. Or try an audio book. :) Good luck!

    1. Tell me about it! But thank you so much for the tips, I'll definitely try some of them out. Hopefully they'll work for me as well because I really do want to read again but its just actually doing it that I cant manage.


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