Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Cracking the Spine: How do you like your books?

  A couple of days ago I found myself in Waterstones with a non-book reader. Yup, I have friends that don’t read. Actually I only have one friend that does read, it’s a sad state of affairs but hey, at least no one wants to borrow my precious books! I’ve gone slightly off topic there so back to the point. Said friend started talking about books he read as a child (He doesn’t read anymore, what a loser!) and how he used to love bending a book so much the spine cracked. He seemed confused to why I was staring at him in disbelief and when I finally came around I went on a rant about cracking the spine, I know he wasn't listening though. Personally I cannot bring myself to bend a book that much the spine ends up looking ugly. I like everything looking pristine, okay?

  I will do everything I possibly can to keep my books looking perfect even if that means holding the book open at a 45-degree angle and straining to see what it says on the page. Some may think this is extremely sad but I can’t help it! Unlike American publishers, the ones in the UK seem to think it’s okay to have a really stiff spine in which you have to open the book a ridiculous amount just to read it that then results in a cracked spine. No doubt about it, I prefer American editions of books to the ones in the UK.

  Up until now this post hasn’t really had much of a point other than me talking about my apathetic friend and slightly ranting about UK editions of books. Anyway what I’m really interested in is how other people feel about cracking the spine. I know some people love the battered look when it comes to books, I wont judge you if that’s your thing, each to their own right? Heck, my mum bends book covers all the way round so they're touching the back and I haven’t said anything to her… yet. So please, lets discuss this, as I’m eager to know how other people handle their books. 

Do you like them looking perfect or lovingly read?


  1. I HATE messing up my books. I have some friends and family that make fun of me because of the way I open my books (yes, sometimes at a 45 degree angle haha). I mean, I've grown lax, and dont care AS much if theres a little crease or whatever, but to completely ruin the state of a book like that...ugh.. it kills me. I'm with ya, sister!

    1. My family haven't made a comment as of yet because they know how I like to keep my stuff but they probably think I'm ridiculous. I'm not too bothered about little creases but anything more than that is a no no!

  2. I'm with you on the no cracked spines please! Yeah, I try to read my books as delicately as possible. A few spines are cracked, but it can't be helped. Those are either re-read religiously books--ones that I re-read years ago before I even had a TBR pile or soooo many paranormal options to read. Or in one series case, the publisher stuck a CARD inside the book, to join their mailing list or something like that! I mean who does THAT?!

    Needless to say I had to bend the book open a bit more to get that nasty thing out without destroying the book itself.

    Then there was the book that I loaned to my mother and I swear I saw her do the exact same thing that your mother does! I was like, what are you doing?! Who reads like that?! Eep!

    The few times I did loan a book to my friend I explicitly expressed my opinion on how NOT to read or hold a book and she totally got it! I think she did end up accidentally messing up one page of a book, but since it was a Twilight one, I found I didn't care too much!

    But needless to say--did I say that already?--I feel the same way you do about cracked spines. *shudders* that's the stuff of booklovers' nightmares! At least for me! ;)

    1. That move the publishers pulled is not cool, why would you do that to a booklover? Its like when they put a sticker on the front of the book but it turns out its not and is actually printed onto the book.

      I leant Twilight to my friend too and it came back all bent, I'm not too bothered about the condition of it now though. But back in my Twihard days I was seething!

  3. Exactly the same - hate to crack the spine! My family have stopped asking to borrow my books now - my mum always cracks and spine and dog ears the pages! - drives me CRAZY lol
    They all think I am ridiculous and love to laugh and I try to read with the book hardly open!
    Re joining the blogging community and looking for people to talk to... - my blog, please check it out :)

    1. Luckily most of my family members have Kindles so I just tell them to buy the book on there if they so badly want to read it. No one touches my books other than me!

      My mum thinks I'm ridiculous but I really do like order and perfection when it comes to my books. Awesome I'll definitely check out your blog :)


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