Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Farewell old friends!

I’ve just realised how the title of this post sounds like I’m leaving the blogging community. Don’t worry; it’s about books. Lately it has become apparent that I have many unwanted books. This shocked me, as much as it would any booklover, I didn’t know I had it in me, I didn’t know that I could actually disown books. At the minute I haven’t got a bookshelf due to space issues, I am planning on buying one but right now it just isn’t happening. My mum wont let me get one until I’ve got rid of the draws that are occupying the space the shelves will go. Now that’s easier said than done. Anyone want some Ikea draws?

Right now my books are residing in boxes under my bed. It makes me sad knowing that they’re down there. They probably think I don’t love them. But there is simply nowhere to put them! As I buy more and more books I’m finding it almost impossible to store them. I’m sick and tired of having nowhere to put them so a couple of weeks back I decided to sort them out; something that I hadn’t done in a while. I came to the conclusion that I have many books/series that I won’t ever get round to reading or probably wont bother picking up again. 

It dawned on me that I do in fact have unloved books. They need someone that will cherish them rather than forget about them. What can I do with these books? I did think about holding several giveaways but being jobless isn’t handy when it comes to paying postage. Also many of you are from other countries so that’d cost a hefty sum. I’ve been researching into what I could do with them and am yet to find a solution. Donating them to my local library may be my final decision. Though I’m not sure if my library accepts donations. I’ll have to check in with them to find out!

30 books need a new home, whether that is in the library or on some lucky buggers shelves. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to get rid of books but here I am, being so open to giving 30 of them up. I have had my doubts. I’ve taken some from the pile only to put them back 10 minutes later. I’ve been making excuses for them in my head like “It wasn’t really that bad, give it another chance” or “But it’ll look so pretty on my shelf”. Yeah, it’s definitely been hard. Am I the only one who’s done this or are there others too? I’m hoping I’m not the only one. I mean c’mon, we all have to clean out every once in a while.

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  1. Maybe you could do a book swap with one one of your friends? Donating to your local library sounds like a very good idea, though. I actually need to clean up my shelves since there are a lot of books that haven't felt the love from me in a couple of years but I have no idea what I'll do with them. Philippines doesn't exactly have libraries I could donate to. :(


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